Hammam Rituals

The hammam tradition, whose history dates back to ancient Rome, has an important place in Turkish history as a social and cultural ritual. Hürrem Sultan Hammam offers a completely different experience for the Turkish hammam, which is considered the key not only for bodily cleansing, but also for spiritual purification. 

There are many hammams in Istanbul to experience the hammam culture, which also has an important place in the Ottoman Empire. You can be sure that you will witness one of the most beautiful examples of the traditional Turkish hammam from the moment you step into Hürrem Sultan Hamam with its wide hall at the entrance, sweating room, scrubbing, foam massage areas right behind. Your whole body will relax with redbud based products specially manufactured for Hürrem Sultan Hamam. In addition, we offer you a special care with soap with natural olive oil, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, disposable non-slip slippers and underwear during all hammam sessions.

At Hürrem Sultan Hamam, you can choose from 4 different hammam sessions that we have designed according to different needs. Whether you want to relax with Pir-ü Pak with traditional scrubbing application and massage on naval stone (central massage platform in hammams which are commonly made of marble that maintains the heat), or with Ab-ı Hayat, you can experience Turkish Hammam from beginning to end that will appeal to your whole body with clay mask, aromatherapy, facial massage and fruit treats.

Male & Female Hammam

There are special bath areas reserved for both women and men in Hürrem Sultan Hamam. In this way, you will be able to receive services from expert male/female hammam attendants, rubbers and masseurs.