Hammam Rituals

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Keyf-i Hammam

Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: 150 Euro

Use of hammam.
Traditional full body scrubbing in the warmest quarter. Redbud scented moisturizing and firming full body clay mask. Relaxing bubble wash ritual on the warm marble stone.
(Full body bubble massage, head and neck massage)
Hair wash rituel with redbud scented shampoo.
Moisturizing face mask in the cold quarter.

Use of Hammam (Turkish Bath)

Your hammam experience starts with opening your pores by sweating for a while in our hot rooms. Traditional body scrubbing begins, after your body warms up.

Traditional body scrubbing with bath mitt (kese)

The bath mitt (kese) which is, important part of  hammam tradition, is applied to clean and purify the body after intense sweating. The bath mitt removes the toxic substances accumulated in the pores of the skin, opens the clogged pores and removes the roughness.

Bubble wash and full body foam massage on the warm marble stone

After the bath mitt (kese) treatment , a traditional bubble wash ritual and relaxing full body foam massage is performed on the warm marble stone to purify your body.

Moisturizing and firming full body clay mask with redbud scent

Clay is a type of soil that has been used for centuries as a source of health and beauty. Due to the natural minerals in its content, it has many benefits, especially on the skin.