Gift Card

Please your loved ones with a Gift Card…

Constructed by the order of Suleiman the Magnificent for his beloved wife Hurrem Sultan in 1556, Hurrem Sultan Hammam offers the Turkish Bath culture in the most authentic, luxurious, unique and hygienic form to all guests from locals to foreigners, whether they are celebrities or not. As a venue providing service at a quality level in line with your expectations at the Historical Peninsula, Hurrem Sultan Hammam presents an alternative when you wish to offer an enjoyable Istanbul experience to your colleagues or to give a special gift to your friends or family members for occasions such as birthday, mother's day or father's day.

For further information please contact our sales office.

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +90 212 517 35 35

 Gift Card Rules and Regulations 

  • Gift Card is for personal, single use. 
  • To use a Gift Card, you need to make a booking by calling the Sales Office on +90 212 517 35 35 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]
  • Bookings can only be cancelled 7  days beforehand. The holder of the Gift Card cannot make any claim for bookings cancelled later than this period.
  • If Hurrem Sultan Hammam cannot provide service due to technical problems, adverse weather conditions or natural events, the holder of a gift voucher can make a booking for another date.
  • Gift Card can be returned within 30 days. No return is accepted after 30 days. Replacement can be made at any time. A 20% service fee is deducted if a return is requested. The guest is refunded within 15 days as of the return request.
  • The holder of a Gift Card can use their gift within 12 months. No refund is possible for expired gift vouchers.