Why Is Foot Health Important?

Although foot health is often not taken seriously, it is a quite crucial factor that affects daily life. The effects of foot health can be observed from participation in social activities to professional life. Therefore, regular foot care has a direct impact on the quality of life. Regardless of age, gender, living conditions and professional life, everyone should take care of it's own foot health.

What Are the Effects of Foot Health on Our General State of Health?

Foot health is not limited to the effects on feet and legs. It is directly a part of the circulatory system. Especially those who experience chronic health problems such as diabetes should pay extra attention to foot health. Along with regular care, feet should be kept sterile all the time.
One of the most important effects of foot health on general health condition is related to movement. Foot health problems creates significant setbacks for walking and moving activities. So, it considerably affects the level of activity in the daily life. This condition also causes many health problems which develops due to sedentary life.

What Clues We Can Take From Our Foot Health?

Feet carry the most of the body weight among other body parts and they get tired the most. As they carry the most of the body weight, they are directly involved with most of the body movement both in professional life as well as other movement functions. An unhealthy foot gives many indications and in such cases, precautions should be taken to protect the foot health.

The symptoms that indicate that our foot health is impaired or that it is about to be impaired are as follows:

  • Intense swellings and systematic pain,
  • Foot odor and minimal chapped skin,
  • Tinea pedis (athlete's foot),
  • Constantly cold feet,
  • Difficulties while walking and contractions while standing,
  • Numbness in the foot,

All of these conditions are complications that indicate the emergence of a foot health or even a much more general health problem.

What To Do To Protect Foot Health?

There are many factors that you need to be vary of to protect your foot health. Right footwear choice, constantly keeping the feet warm and dry, sock hygiene, regular foot care and keeping the feet sterile are among the most important details. In addition you should be gentle while washing your feet to protect your foot health.

Short Tips For Health Feet

Regular care and hygiene are two of the most important factors for healthy feet. Make sure to wash your feet with warm water. Making right footwear choice, avoiding walking barefoot are other important tips that help you improve your foot health. In addition, you should also moisturize your feet regularly to protect from foot diseases.