What Should Be Brought to Hammam?

Hammam has an important place in history of Turkey and is essential for many people. Especially with the increase in the number of new hammams built during the Ottoman period, people began to meet their hygiene needs in here. During this period, hammams were often used for bachelorette parties.

Today, hammam culture still exists. Hammams are best places to get cleaned, get rubbed by bath glove and get a massage. As in the past, brides and grooms come to hammam to have fun with their close friends and enjoy the entertaining atmosphere.

Hammams, which are still an important element of our culture, are located in every city or even in every district. Especially in many of the historical bazaars, there are baths with magnificent architectures.

What Should Be Brought to Hammam?

Those who go to the hammam constantly prepare a bag for themselves for the products they will use there when they go. Those who are going to the hammam for the first time should also take with them products such as shampoo, soap, body lotion that they like to use while they bathe. You can take skin care products with you because the pores on your skin will be opened thoroughly in the hammam. Clay masks are best applied in hammams.

Another important item that you should keep in your hammam bag is a loincloth. While you can find the loincloths, which are specific to the hammams, at hammams, you can also bring your own loincloth. You can bring your own swimsuit or slippers as well.

What Can Be Done in Hammam?

Having scrub with a bath glove is the first thing come to mind when talking about hammams.

A good scrub, which will be made by the male and female bath attendants, will increase blood circulation in the body, so it allows you to get rid of all your exhaustion and make you feel light as a feather.

You can further comfort your muscles by a massage, which are already relaxed in the hammam. While you can perform the massage by your own, there are also experts at this who work at the hammam. While you get rid of the dirt on your skin in hammam, you can also take care of your hair on the other hand. You can apply your care masks made with special mixtures to your hair and make your bath time more enjoyable.

The skin care that that is applied to your body after the scrubbing and bathing procedures will lighten you as if you were born again. Skin care allows your skin to regain the moisture it needs and will further contribute to opening of the pores on your skin.

What Should be Done After Hammam?

After the scrubbing, bathing and skin care procedures in hammam, you should also take care of yourself. If you go to hammam during summer, it won't be a problem for it will be warm after you get outside. However, especially if you go to the hammam during the spring season, you should be careful not to catch a cold when you go out because you sweat and bathe inside. Therefore, you should make your choice of clothes according to the seasonal conditions.

One of the important things you need to do after the bath is to supplement yourself with liquid food. Because you sweat inside, your body will experience a loss of both water and minerals. That is why you should supply the minerals again. You can drink plenty of mineral water for this. Mineral water provides the mineral nutrients that you previously lost. It is offered before and after the bath care, as it will regulate your sugar in the syrup.

Drinking ayran after the bath has become almost a culture. Each of these drinks will make your hammam experience more enjoyable and support your health.