What is the Groom's Hammam?

One of the things that makes us who we are is our traditions. One of the most common traditions is the groom's bath. In this article, we will talk about the groom's bath, which is a traditional activity of the groom's side, and what is done in the bath

The groom's hammam is when the groom's close friends and the bride's male relatives go to the bathhouse in the early hours of the wedding day or the day before the wedding. Hammam is not only a place of cleaning in our culture, but also a place of socialization. From this point of view, the groom's hammam is like a bachelor party.

The groom's bath is a tradition made for both cleaning and entertainment purposes, just like the bride's bath. The groom and his friends sweat in the bath and their pores open. The opened pores are purified by a bathhouse attendant and the skin begins to breathe and relax. Then the bathhouse attendants clean the front of the bah basin and the groom is invited to the entertainment. Hammam activities vary from person to person. Some people have fun with instruments, while others have fun with card games. At this point, it its up to the groom and his friends.

As in the bridal bath, food is a need in the groom's bath as well. Because people will get very hungry after having fun for about 2-3 hours. Food is not taken to the bathhouse in the groom's bath as in the bride's bath. A selection is ordered from the hammam's menu or from a special menu.

After all this process, the groom and his friends go to the massage. The relaxed body, which is free from dead skin and has its pores opened, relaxes with a massage made with soap or oil. So the groom will be cleaned up and his body will be relieved. After the massage, the bathhouse attendant makes a towel wrapping show to get a tip from the groom. And so the groom's bath is completed. The groom and his friends experience unforgettable moments.

When does the Groom's Hammam take place?

The groom's bath takes place on the wedding day or a few days before the wedding, which is quite important in Turkish culture. The closest of the groom, the men of the bride's side, attend the groom's bath. So the two sides have fun together. This activity, also called hammam entertainment, creates a space where the parties can both relax and socialize

What Happens in the Groom's Bath?

General hammam activities are carried out in the groom's bath. The male relatives of the groom and the bride are cleaned, purified in the hammam, and have an entertainment takes place accompanied by fun songs. Then they all eat together and then take advantage of the services offered by the bathhouse staff. They benefit from services such as skin cleansing, back massage, clay mask. Thus, both the groom and his friends and the male relatives of the bride are prepared for the wedding in every sense.

What to Wear in the Groom's Bath?

Similar to a normal hammam, men who go to the hammam take loincloths or towels with them and close their private areas.

What to Take When Going to the Groom's Bath?

It is recommended to take a loincloth or a towel, clean underwear and dry clothes with you when going to the groom's bath. In this way, you can continue your day comfortably after the bath.