Types of Massage

The question of ''What is massage'' is quite important. Basically, massage is the manipulation of soft tissues located throughout the body. Massage, which is preferred for a peaceful and calm body structure, is also evaluated as a treatment method. In general, it reduces stress in the body and supports the person to feel much happier.

What is Massage?

Massage, which allows the body to get rid of stress, is an application that relaxes the muscles. It is often preferred because it supports the regeneration and relaxation of the muscles.

What Are the Types of Massage?

There are types that vary according to the way the massage is applied. When thinking about the Types of massage, it is possible to say that classic massage stands out among other types. Moreover, apart from sports massage, there are also foot massage, hot stone massage.

Classic Massage

Classic massage, basically also called Swedish massage, is a type of massage that is often preferred. Fragrant oils are commonly used during the massage. This type of massage, which is used to increase blood circulation and provide relaxation, makes the person feel quite peaceful. It also contributes to elimination of toxic substances contained in tissues and muscles.

Foam Massage

It is applied in Turkey and Thailand and is known as a very special type of massage foam massage it is made using pure and natural soap. If you are going to have a foam massage, it is mandatory to take a shower before and after the massage. The entire body is covered with pure and natural soap. Thus, the skin gains a softer feeling.

Thai Massage

Thai massage, known as a fairly old massage technique. It was developed by Buddhists in Thailand 2500 years ago. This type of massage, which reduces muscle and joint tensions, also supports the increase flexibility. Energy systems in the body are balanced by exquisite techniques.

Aromatherapy Massage

Contributing to health and beauty aromatherapy massage is made with mixtures of vegetable essential oils. In this type of massage, which has methods such as inhalation and compresses, it is aimed to eliminate various health problems. Since it is much easier than many massage types it is possible to say that aromatherapy is often preferred. It also allows the person to feel calmer.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage which emerged from Japan, is performed by applying pressure to certain areas on the body with the interior surface of the hand or with the fingers. It is also known that shiatsu massage, which is much harsher than many massages, supports getting rid of pain in the tissues.

Hot Stone Massage

Made using the thermal heat of the stones hot stone massage helps the person to feel free from stressors. Volcanic basalt stones are used in such massages. Because volcanic basalt stones can retain heat for a long time.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Head, neck and shoulder massage which is quite popular in India, is a type of massage that relieve the pain in these areas. It is applied to areas such as head, neck, leg, waist. It is especially preferred for neck retention.

Refexology (Foot Massage)

A type of balance massage known as reflexology is a type of massage that is applied mainly in the foot area. Foot massage, which allows a person to feel in balance both physically and spiritually, is applied to special points on the foot. The idea that a number of points on the foot represent various organs in the body is at the heart of massage.

Sports Massage

Sports massage, is a type of massage preferred by people who do physical exercises constantly. Whichever sport you are doing, it is possible for you to benefit from massage treatments specific to that sport. With this massage that you will get from experts, you will feel very vigorous before and after sports. Thus, it is possible to say that many athlete benefit from these type of massages. Sports massage positively affects the body after doing exercise and help people feel more relaxed.