Suggestions for A Better Sleep

Sleep is crucial for healthy body growth and resting. Good sleep in a comfortable position allows you to wake up rested and start the day more energetic. This way you become more efficient in your professional life and feel happier.

So what to consider and avoid for a good sleep? Let's take a look at these together.

Do Not Consume Food and Beverages That Disrupt Sleep

For a good sleep, you need to avoid consuming some foods and beverages especially before going to bed. Coffee, cigarettes, tea which are known to have caffeine in their contents keeps the body awake. Long-distance drivers and night-shift workers consume tons of coffee and tea to stay awake. You should avoid consuming these at least 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Don't Consume Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol, which is known to have many harms for health, also impairs the quality of sleep due to the damage it causes to the body. Although there is a perception that alcohol causes early sleep, there will be no good sleep due to constant getting up during the night. You will wake up feeling tired.

Adopt A Sleep Routine

The body has a biological clock. In order to preserve the biological rhythm, one should have standard time for going to bed and waking up. This is why you need a regular sleep patterns.

Sleep at Night Not During The Day, Avoid Taking Naps

The human metabolism needs sleep at night. This is why daytime sleep should not be exercised, you can sleep for half an hour only at noon. Apart from this, you should take care not to sleep, especially in the afternoon hours. Sleeping during the afternoon hours will give you a greater feeling of fatigue. It is observed that people who wake up from afternoon sleep feel dizzy.

Don't Exercise Before Bedtime

Doing sports is very important for the body to stay healthy. It is even a well-known fact that individuals who do sports sleep better. However, the time of doing sports and exercises should be arranged according to the time of sleep. For this, sports should be finished two hours before bedtime.

Ensure Sleep Hygiene

For a good sleep, the environment of the bedroom is also important. For good sleep, the hygiene of the bedroom should be ensured, factors such as heat and light should be adjusted, the light and heat environment that will disrupt sleep and prevent sleeping should be improved. Make sure that the curtains of the bedroom are thicker than in your other rooms. Thick curtains prevent your sleep from being interrupted, as it will let in less light. Again, you should make sure that there are no electronic devices in the bedroom. The high-pitched sound and negative energy that will come out of them will prevent you from sleeping well, causing you to be tired and restless when you get up in the morning.

Don't Wait for Sleep to Come in Bed

Even though you are not sleepy, waiting for sleep in bed will cause you to sleep later. In order to avoid this, you should wait until to feel sleepy and go to bed. If you don't have a sleeping routine, you can try reading books before going to bed. It will help you sleep.

Watch What You Eat Before Going To Bed

As we mentioned above, avoid consuming food and beverages that will disrupt sleep before going to bed. You should stop consuming beverages as well as fruits and vegetables 2-3 hours prior to going to bed. It is also important that evening meals consist of light meals. Baked, grilled and excessively fatty meals can reduce your sleep quality during the night, as they will disturb your stomach. If you have stomach disorders and know what cause this disorder, do not consume them before going to bed. Otherwise, these will cause gastritis to form in your stomach during the night, cause heartburn and will constantly interrupt your sleep.

If you follow the suggestions you improve the quality of your sleep, start the day more fit and have a better day.