How to Go to Hammam, Hungry or Full?

The hammam, the Ottoman version of the steam bath, is an ancient tradition of relaxation, rejuvenation and personal care. When it comes to using a Turkish hammam, there are some points that you should keep in mind to live this experience safely. Undoubtedly, the most important of these points is whether to go to the hammam with empty or full stomach. The answer? None of them! You should go to hammam neither hungry nor full. Come, let's examine the reasons together.

If you go to the bathhouse after eating, you may not feel the increased heat in your body. As our body temperature increases in the warm room, our pulse also increases. As your pulse increases, there is a need in our heart to pump more blood, and the body may become confused. Shortly after eating, our body needs to devote energy not to pumping blood, but to digestion.

If you go to the hammam with an empty stomach, you will not feel the warmth and relaxation enough again, because the more the body warms up, the more calories it needs. You can handle this by drinking lots of water however as our body temperature and heart rate rise, we need more calories (energy) to adapt to this situation while we are in hammam. In this case, you cannot enjoy the bath, you may be disturbed by the hunger. 

Undoubtedly, the best time to go to the hammam is when you are neither hungry nor full, which is mostly on the afternoon. After lunch, our body digests what we ate in the morning, so we don't feel hungry either. Another period when you can go to the hammam is the evening hours. If you had a light dinner a few hours ago, the food will have been thoroughly digested and you will no longer feel hunger.

In short, it is necessary to be neither too hungry nor too full to take a bath or shower in the hammam. It is ideal for bathing 1-1.5 hours after meals. A bath on a full stomach makes the body very tired, while taking a bath while hungry lowers blood pressure and can lead to fainting.

What Should Be Done Before Going to the Hammam?

It is necessary to take care of a few points before going to the hammam. Come, let us examine these points together.

  • If you are using it, you should also remove your contact lenses before entering the hammam. The wet and steamy environment in the hammam can affect your vision.
  • You should not eat before entering the bath, as it will create tension on the circulatory system. Just like being full is not recommended, being hungry during the hammam experience may lead to fainting due to loss of minerals and fluids. For this reason, you should take note of these.
  • Consuming alcohol before hammam visit may be harmful as well. Because the fact that blood circulation will accelerate can cause negative consequences if alcohol has been consumed. The heat of the hammam is not suitable for alcohol consumption.
  • Since high temperature and slippery floor pose a high risk for pregnant women, hammam is not recommended for them.
  • If you have diabetes or asthma, you need to experience hammam. It is important to consult a specialist doctor about this matter.
  • Shave or not, it's up to you. All lotions and oils can make newly shawed skin sensitive. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to go without shaving.
  • Especially if you are going to a luxurious hammam, you need to make a reservation in advance.

What to Bring to Hammam?

There is no need to bring anything extra with you when going to the Turkish hammam because every product you need is provided by the bathhouses. Thus, you can move much more comfortably and take your bag and enjoy the hammam. You can access which products the bathhouses provides via the website addresses.