What Is Bentonite Clay, What Is It Useful For?

Bentonite is a soft-structured rock that has been used by humans for about 7,000 years. It was first used in Cyprus to seperate the wool of sheeps. Today, It is widely used in many areas mainly in pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors thanks to its rich magnesium and aluminum content. What makes bentonit so popular these days? In summary, technological developments enabled humans to make many new discoveries. The most recently discovered detox effect of bentonite clay is just one of the important ones. At the same time bentonite is addressed to support avoiding corrosion.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay is a volcanic clay. It is more commonly referred to as montmorillonite in the pharmaceutical industry. It is safe to say that it has negative electromagnetic charge. How to take advantage of this negative charge? It provides detox effect. It is extremely natural and beneficial clay that helps extraction of unnecessary body oils. Bentonite, which was used to remove fat thousands of years ago, continues to be used to remove excess fat found on human skin with clay form today. Surely, removing excess body oil is not this miraculous clay's only benefit. It also plays an important role in removing heavy metals from the body. But how exactly the benefits of bentonite for the body can appear?

How Does Bentonite Clay Benefit Our Health?

Unfortunately modern city life allows us to absorb several harmful substances into our body. Heavy metals contained in the air we inhale and the harmful substances contained in the ready-made food we eat accumulate in our body over time. While this accumulation is insignificant at first and cause no problems, it leads to many severe health problems, especially cancer later on. For this reason it is vitally important to remove such substances from the body before they start to accumulate.

Bentonite clay is negative electromagnetic charged. This feature allows the removal of heavy metals and the accumulated substances from the body using the negative charge. Especially the removal of accumulated substances from the skin is extremely simple. Bentonite clay not only helps the harmful substances being extracted from the skin but also it helps the removal of substances which enters the body through food and respiratory system.

It also plays an effective role in neutralizing the bacteria which cause sicknesses and removing them among with toxic substances and heavy metals.
Bentonite clay is a beneficial volcanic clay that can be used in soaps, tooth paste, body cream and face masks.

The Benefits of Bentonite for the Skin

Depending on your skin type, it is recommended benefit from different cleaners. Several different pollutant substances cause our skin to lose it's elasticity. Ready-made and unhealthy food we consume leads to intense amount of body fat intake to our body. Bad weather conditions, irregular life and intense fat consumption may lead to acne and black spot formation on the skin provided that your skin is prone to such problems.
Bentonite clay has gained recognition as a solution to these problems. Because this clay is a purifier that has been used for thousands of years and is scientifically recognized to be extremely effective.

First of all, the reason bentonite clay is used on the body is that it does natural peeling. It regulates your skin and ensures the removal of harmful substances from the body. Bentonite cleanses the skin and opens the pores on the skin. After the removal of accumulated substances, your skin gains more beautiful and softer appearence. This detox effect is quite important.

The benefits of bentonite clay is not limited to these. It also supports the skin thanks to its mineral-rich quality. Moreover, unlike other skin masks, there is no interval requirement to apply these to observe the effects. Since it is a natural cleaner, clean and elastic appearence manifests itself right after the clay is applied.

Most of the body creams today contain cinnamon-orange-apricot and bentonite clay. In addition, the natural cream is %100 vegan product. Thanks to its additive-free structure, it can be used by everyone.

The Benefits of Bentonite Clay For Oral Health

First of all, it is necessary to underline that bentonite clay is a completely natural and unadulterated substance. Using additive and heavy metals containing toothpaste may lead to accumulation of harmful substances inside the mouth. For this reason, it is possible to get support from a natural helper by using bentonite clay toothpaste.

Considering the fact that it is an efficient cleaner, especially for whitening the teeth, bentonite clay is a proper choice. As mentioned earlier, it plays an important role in extracting bacterial accumulation. Removal of the harmful substances that cause teeth to rot make the clay containing toothpastes a viable choice.

It can be used like a standard toothpaste. If you want a completely natural protection, you can also try using miswak instead of standard toothbrushes. Thanks to it's whitening feature, it is recommended by most of the users. A quick reminder that is most of the European-manufactured toothpaste products contain bentonite clay. So it allows the removal of the harmful microscopic creatures from oral area. The teeth gain white appeareance this way.

If you don't want to spend loads of money on expensive brands, you can benefit from endless advantages of bentonite clay.

How to Use Bentonite Clay?

Depending on the area of use Bentonite can be utilized in different ways. Bentonite clay is 100% natural. It will have a soiled appeareance in short time. It is not possible to apply it directly onto the body so you need to put it in a muddy form. While the mixture is prepared with water, rose water can be added to increase it's effect. Adding rose water to the mixture is especially effective if you intend to use it as a face mask.

Should you want to use it as a toothpaste, other forms are recommended. You can get the most accurate information about this by reading the user manual. Although it is mostly recommended to use it on miswak, you can also take advantage of standard toothbrushes.Different studies are carried out regarding this subjects. Today creams containing bentonite and activated carbon are widely used as well. Unlike many cream products containing animal substances, bentonite is a vegan product and can be used comfortably.

Bentonite clay soap which has been used in Turkey for a long time is becoming more popular throughout Europe. Bentonite clay soap, which does not contain animal fat, perfume or additives, is a product that supports the removal of heavy metals from the body.