Groom's Party

A hamam is not a place where people go only to clean. In Turkish culture, not only the middle class people, but also the people who had a bath in their home, also went to these baths. Because many ceremonies such as the engagement hamam, the bridal hamam and the groom's hamam were held in these baths. So much so that these hamams traditions are still kept alive in many centers of Anatolia and the Ballkans. In their lives where the freedom to go out to the streets was limited, the Turkish hamam was the getaway place for women to dress, talk and meet people, that is, to feel that they were in the community. The hamam was considered a place where they could not show it outside, where they could show others their clothing, jewellery, and the beauty of the goods they brought with them. The entertainment organized by the invitees here was not to be missed. It was an excuse to bathe next to their entertainment that started early in the morning and lasted until the evening. Musicians also took part in these special and important ceremonial events. Apart from coffees and Turkish hamam sherbets, various dishes, sweets and fruits brought to the hamam were eaten, drank, had fun and enjoyed playing together with the friends invited here.
Groom's hammam means the hammam entertainment where the groom's close friends and male relatives of the bride's side gather and go early on the wedding day or the day before. In our culture, the bath serves as a socializing place, rather than just a place for washing. In modern terms, the groom's bath, which is like a bachelorette party, is a tradition that is often made in the countryside and by the local people, although it is about to be forgotten in the city centers.
Groom's hamam just like the bride's hamam is a tradition where both cleanliness and entertainment are combined. Classically, in the navel stone, the groom and his friends sweat well and their pores are opened. These pores, which are opened with the help of tellak, are purified from the dead skin and the skin begins to breathe, then a beautiful basin is washed and our groom candidate is invited to the party. Finally, the body relaxes with oil massage.

Hamam entertainment can be shaped according to the tastes and desires of the people, some of them make verbal entertainment with saz. Others just clean up and relax with their friends and leave. We have food and beverage service upon request.