Bride's Party

A hamam is not a place where people go only to clean. In Turkish culture, not only the middle class people, but also the people who had a bath in their home, also went to these baths. Because many ceremonies such as the engagement bath, the bridal hamam and the groom's hamam were held in these hamams. So much so that these hamam traditions are still kept alive in many centers of Anatolia and the Balkans. In their lives where the freedom to go out to the streets was limited, the Turkish hamam was the getaway place for women to dress, talk and meet people, that is, to feel that they were in the community. The hamam was considered a place where they could not show it outside, where they could show their clothes, jewels, and the beauty of the goods they brought with them. The entertainment organized by the invitees here was not to be missed. It was an excuse to bath next to their entertainment that started early in the morning and lasted until the evening. Musicians also took part in these special and important ceremonial events. Apart from coffees and Turkish hamam sherbets, various dishes, sweets and fruits brought to the bath were eaten, drank, had fun and enjoyed playing together with the friends invited here.
Bridal Hamams were at the beginning of the bath festivities. This hammam entertainment was usually held on Tuesdays. On the one hand, while preparing for the hammam on the other hand, "reading to the bride's hamam", that is, "issuing invitations" was not neglected. The girl's house would rent the hammam in advance and pay the guests' fees for the hammam. The bride would go to the hamam with her relatives and friends. The invited guests prepared their bundles days in advance, which they tried to enrich as much as they could. When the day of the invitation to the bath came, they would go to the baths on their own, with their belongings, with their servants according to their means, or on their own.
The bride, who came to the hamam completely covered, would wait in the cold or in the glass until all the guests came, after coming to the bath. Thus, it was circulated in the bath. After the arrival of the guests was complete, sherbets were offered and entertainment began with music. After that, the natırs would undress the bride and take her to a private room in the warmth of the hamam.Here they would wash the bride well and then change her wet loincloths with dry and warm ones. Then he would be taken out and sprinkled with money, which was considered auspicious and would be snatched by the young people there.
The owners of the invitation tried to ensure that their offerings were as rich as possible. Such hamam invitations were also the setting where young girls were chosen for the groom candidates. Here, those who had single sons, single siblings or single relatives would examine the girls for them. It was checked whether the girls wrapped in loincloths had imperfections that could not be seen while they were dressed, and thus, bride candidates were selected. Since the girls knew that they could be examined in the bath, they would go prepared accordingly.
The tradition of the "Bridal Hamam", which has been ingrained in our culture from the Ottoman period to the present, was an organization where the groom and the girl family came together before the arranged marriages in the past. Nowadays, it is planned to have more fun and to spend a special day among friends with the intention of bachelorette.

While pre-wedding entertainments are tiring and costly on different days, you will dance and have fun with your friends in the "Bridal Hamam’’ concept, you will be able to organize your henna and you will have your bachelorette party together. We have thought of all the details for you to make your special day enjoyable and fun; We welcome our guests with homemade Ottoman sherbet and Turkish delight, take them to the Turkish bath we have specially prepared, and start having fun with live music and belly dancer show in the cold section. We do henna ritual for brides who desire. After the use of the Turkish hamam, we have optional food and beverage service in the Cold room.