Turkish Hammam for Good Health and Fitness: A Wellness Experience in Hürrem Sultan Hammam

Traditional Turkish hammam experience has been well known by the people seeking good health and wellness since centuries for its positive health effects. One of the historically smelling sites of Istanbul, Hürrem Sultan Hammam is not only a traditional Turkish hammam but also an oasis combining an understanding of good health and wellness with modern comfort. In this article, we will make a detailed examination of the wellness experience to be discovered in Hürrem Sultan Hammam by those seeking good health and wellness.

Health Benefits of the Traditional Turkish Hammam

Traditional Turkish hammam is not used only for a cleaning ritual but it also offers a spa experience designed to improve health and bring wellness. Carrying to the present time traditional hammam culture of the Ottoman Empire, Hürrem Sultan Hammam offers its visitors with a historical wellness experience. This experience consists of hot and cold phases as well as massage and it is designed as a ritual aiming to restore the energy balance in the body.

Relaxing in the Hot Chamber: Therapy and Cleaning

Hot chamber of Hürrem Sultan Hammam is the starting point of the rituals offered in the traditional Turkish hammams. High degree of moist helps to flush out the toxins from the body, cleans the skin and contributes to a healthy skin by increasing the blood circulation. Time spent in the hot chamber is important for leaving all stress behind and relaxing. The therapy made at this phase by using specially designed heat stones and traditional bowls relaxes the muscles and gives mental clarity. 

Massage Made Using Bath Glove and Foam: Deep Cleaning and Rejuvenation 

Following the therapy and cleaning phases completed in the hot chamber, time comes for massage made with bath glove and foam. Natural bath gloves and traditional Turkish soaps used in Hürrem Sultan Hammam assure deep cleaning. Massage made with bath glove helps to get rid of dead tissue and also enables restoration and rejuvenation of the skin. And the foam massage made after that will clean and relax the skin elegantly. 

Resting in the Cold Chamber: A Moment of Wellness and Peace

After the rituals completed in the hot chamber, the visitors will pass on to the cold chamber. In this chamber, the body is helped to rest during transitions between hotness and coldness. The cold chamber reinforces the effects of the therapy, firms the skin and gives a feeling of wellness. Resting at this phase is an important step in the completion of the hammam experience.

Wellness Packages and Special Massages in Hürrem Sultan Hammam

Hürrem Sultan Hammam does not offer only those traditional hammam rituals but also provides a vast portfolio of options with its special wellness packages and massages. Special massage therapies, aromatherapy and practices made using natural oils will offer the visitors rich experience focused on the combined health of body, mind and spirit. 

Good Health and Wellness in Hürrem Sultan Hammam

Combining traditional Turkish hammam culture with modern wellness approach, Hürrem Sultan Hammam offers a unique experience to those seeking good health and wellness. Manifesting rich history of Istanbul and prosperous culture of the Ottoman Empire, this special site opens the doors for a traditional hammam experience as well as for a life style dedicated to good health and wellness. Time spent in Hürrem Sultan Hammam will be transformed into an unforgettable wellness experience for those seeking good health and wellness.