Traditional Turkish Hammam Experience: What Awaits you in Hürrem Sultan Hammam?

Hürrem Sultan Hammam located on Sultanahmet Square, a place surrounded with historical assets of Istanbul, carrying the traces of the Ottoman Empire is a unique site presenting traditional Turkish hammam culture with a modern touch. In this article, we will look inside the doors of Hürrem Sultan Hammam in order discover the traditional Turkish hammam culture available for the visitors here and enjoy the privileges offered by this very special site.

Hürrem Sultan Hammam: A Meeting Point for Glory and Tradition 

Hürrem Sultan Hammam is a historical building reflecting the glory of the Ottoman Empire and traditional Turkish hammam culture. Historical architecture of the hammam, its traditional decorations and details of the Ottoman art surly enable the visitors to travel in a time tunnel of some sort. At the moment you enter into the hammam, this special site where tradition is embraced by glory will welcome you in a most friendly manner.  

Entrance and Welcoming Ritual 

At the moment you enter the Hürrem Sultan Hammam, hammam personnel welcomes you with a warm and friendly smile and accompany you in a traditional welcoming ritual. At this phase before you pass on to the hot chamber, brief information will be given to you about the history and traditions of the hammam. In this manner, you will be better informed about the origins of the hammam experience and enjoy this special site in a more thrilling way.

Hot Chamber: Traditional Hammam Rituals

Hot chamber is the place where traditional Turkish hammam culture starts. In this chamber, you will have the chance to totally relax in a hot and moist environment provided under a special dome. Hammam personnel will help you to get rid of all dirt and dead tissues on your body by using the traditional bowl and bath glove. Traditional soaps offered at the hammam and foamy massage made with natural oils will deeply clean your skin and also carry you to a dream-like atmosphere.  

Cold Chamber: Sites for Resting and Cooling Down 

After completion of the rituals in the hot chamber, cold chamber will offer you the opportunity to cool down and rest. This specially designed site will help you to further calm your body that was already relaxed under the effects of the hot chamber. While resting in the cold chamber, you may indulge yourself with special drinks and traditional Turkish sweets and enjoy the hammam experience to the fullest.  

Special Packages and Massages Offered by Hürrem Sultan Hammam

Hürrem Sultan Hammam does not only offer the traditional hammam rituals but also enables its visitors to have a privileged experience with its special packages and massages. Packages designed for couples, options designed to celebrate special occasions and many other alternatives will help you to discover the vast profile available at the hammam. 

Traditional Turkish Hammam Experience at Hürrem Sultan Hammam

Hürrem Sultan Hammam combines the traditional hammam culture with modern comfort, giving you an unprecedented experience. This site hosts for a unique hammam experience full of traditional rituals originating from the rich history of the Ottoman Empire. Awaiting you with the warm and friendly traditional Turkish hospitality, Hürrem Sultan Hammam is a special treasure waiting to be discovered when you visit Istanbul.