Sultanahmet Hürrem Sultan Hammam: Point where History and Luxury are Combined

Istanbul is famous for its historical and cultural assets and most of these assets are found in the Sultanahmet region. Sultanahmet Square accommodates for cultural buildings and one of them is Hürrem Sultan Hammam. Hürrem Sultan Hammam is a very important point where history and luxury of Istanbul come together. In this article, we will make a detailed examination of the history, architecture and experiences offered by Sultanahmet Hürrem Sultan Hammam.

Historical Origins of Hürrem Sultan Hammam

Hürrem Sultan Hammam was built in the 16th century when Ottoman Empire’s power was at peak. This hammam was built with the order of wife of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Hürrem Sultan. Hürrem Sultan is known as one of the most influential and powerful women in the Ottoman history. Hürrem Sultan is also known as Roxelana and is recognized by her strong influence within he Empire. Hürrem Sultan supervised the construction of the hammam and ensured that it is completed in the most elegant manner. This hammam reflects both her power and also Ottoman architectural fineness typically found in that period.  

Architectural Details and Elegance 

Hürrem Sultan Hammam shows the classical architectural characteristics of Ottoman hammams. Entrance door immediately captures attention with its grandiose stonemasonry decorated with Ottoman ornaments. A large magical dome welcomes you once you enter. This dome covers the heat chamber of the hammam and offers a visual feast for the visitors.

Heat chamber contains a large room lighted by a round dome. This area is decorated with the traditional Ottoman hammam aesthetics, highlighting elegant ceramic file work, vapor sports and stone platforms.

Cold chamber of the hammam offers an area for the visitors to rest and feel cooler. This chamber gives an excellent opportunity to the visitors to complete their hammam experience and enjoy the historical atmosphere. 

Hürrem Sultan Hammam Experience 

Hürrem Sultan Hammam offers the visitors a traditional Turkish hammam experience. In its heat chamber, you may relax, thoroughly clean your body and enjoy the massage service. Special care and massage provide at the hammam combine historical texture with modern luxury. 
A visit to the hammam will also enable the relevant visitors to deeply understand the history of Istanbul and greatness of Ottoman Empire. Visiting Hürrem Sultan Hammam in order to capture the power and influence of Hürrem Sultan will open a window to the history of Istanbul. 

Sultanahmet Hürrem Sultan Hammam is a special spot combining the history, cultural heritage and luxury of Istanbul. This hammam is considered as a masterpiece reflecting a combination of history and modern luxury. For the people visiting Istanbul, Hürrem Sultan Hammam offers a perfect experience intertwining history and luxury. This beauty located on the Sultanahmet Square will be an unavoidable stopping place for the people eager to explore the history and cultural richness of Istanbul. Add an unforgettable touch to your trip to Istanbul by visiting this historical artwork.