Mark of Time: Historical Hürrem Sultan Hammam on the Sultanahmet Square

Istanbul is well known by its historical texture, magical views and cultural heritage. Sultanahmet Square in this magical city captures attention with its history and cultural richness. At the heart of this square, there is a structure reflecting the glorious times of the Ottoman Empire and carrying the marks of the history: Hürrem Sultan Hammam. In this article, we will get more information abut the origin, architecture of and experiences offered by Hürrem Sultan Hammam.

Hürrem Sultan Hammam: A Historical Heritage 

This hammam was built in the 16th century with the order of Hürrem Sultan who was the wife of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and considered as one of the most powerful and influential women in the Ottoman Empire. Hürrem Sultan was also known as Roxelana and was recognized as a figure having great influence in the Ottoman history. Construction of this hammam produced a monument that reflected the power and influence of Hürrem Sultan.

Architectural Elegance and Details 

Hürrem Sultan Hammam reflects the classical architectural characteristics of Ottoman hammams. Entrance door is decorated with a grandiose stonemasonry and Ottoman motives. There is a large dome in the hammam which covers the heat chamber of the hammam. This dome provides the visitors with a marvelous visual feast.

Hammam’s heat chamber contains a large room lighted with a round dome. This room has been designed in line with the traditional Ottoman hammam aesthetics, highlighting elegant ceramic tile working, vapor spots and stone platforms. And the cold chamber is an ideal site used by the visitors to relax/rest and feel cooler. This area offers a perfect opportunity to complete your hammam experience and enjoy the historical atmosphere. 

Hürrem Sultan Hammam Experience 

Hürrem Sultan Hammam offers the visitors a traditional Turkish hammam experience. In its heat chamber, you may relax, thoroughly clean your body and enjoy the massage service. Special care and massage provide at the hammam combine historical texture with modern luxury. 
A visit to the hammam will also enable the relevant visitors to deeply understand the greatness of Ottoman Empire and influence of Hürrem Sultan. Wandering in this historical structure offers the visitors to make a travel to the past.

On Sultanahmet Square, Hürrem Sultan Hammam can be seen as jewel reflecting the history, cultural heritage and luxury of Istanbul. This hammam brings together both history and also a luxurious experience. Hürrem Sultan Hammam offers an unforgettable experience for the people visiting Istanbul. Visiting this historical work during your trip to Istanbul will give the chance to deeply explore the history and magical atmosphere of the city. Hürrem Sultan Hammam located on the Sultanahmet Square will be an unavoidable stopping place for the people wishing to experience the history and cultural richness of Istanbul.